An African Internet?

So, what is an ‘African internet’? Lol I dont know. But maybe I do…?

Note: [1] I guess it is super interesting how so Aristotelian this all sounds. One would argue that it is this type of ‘essentializing’ that is the problem. But, in this case, I use it more as a straw man than a foundational metaphysical point of inquiry. It is to help/aid to bring to the fore some problems that are more apparent if we use the language we are accustomed to. So asking, “What is an african internet?”, is an act of protest in many ways. First, it place that which is ‘african’ in comparison to that which is not. The conclusion of this act I do not yet know, but what I do know is that it highlight where power and opporunity are.

Published 27 Jul 2020

    Innocent Obi Jr on Twitter