My blog, finally!

Lol! It’s amazing how long its taken me to get a blog up and running. Maybe, it truly is the case that perfect is the enemy of good. Anyway, since this is my first post, I’ll be brief, but a bit ceremonial.

There is sooo much I want to talk about. I’m in a constant state of learning. Everyday there is something new, interesting, and captivating. Part of me wants to know it all and another part knows the difficulty of ‘knowing it all’. What I hope to do in this blog is to introduce, to those interested, my deep curiosity and “Leibnitzian catholicity of interest”.

Alot of my current explorations are focused on internet design. So most of my upcoming posts will focus on that. But even in the space of Internet design, there is so much of general interest. I will include code, design specs, simulations, discussions on ethics and philosopy, and rants. I will use this blog to share with you my process of understanding. I will share with you the rich ‘Ecology of Mine’.

I hope after engaging with me on this blog, you will be intrigued and inspired to explore some of these topics in your own way. I hope you do. If the posts suck, then feel free to let me know!

Published 27 Jul 2020

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